Monday, November 10, 2008

Worrisome Wonders

Okay, so turning into Carrie Bradshaw at the drop of a dime probably won't end up being as simple as I sometimes make myself think. I usually consider it easily possible during the night...I don't think it's a coincidence. Lets just say that I'm not an only child. I have a sister, and when I was younger, she explained to me that it was possible to make yourself orgasm. At the time, I had no idea what she was talking about, but, low and behold after some experimentation later on, I realized she was right. Hmm.

So anyways - it's night time. I'm relaxing in bed feeling great, thinking about certain fellas and doing certain things (I have a pretty good imagination =]) and that's when I usually think... God, I'm just gonna go do it. Seriously.

Then comes the morning, and that thought process flits out the window as the sunshine starts to spill in - to be replaced by other thoughts. Fears and worries really. I've had conversations with enough of my friends to get such different accounts of sex as to puzzle me exceedingly. I hear it's great, wonderful, amaaaazing. &nd then I hear it's ok. Blah. "I'm indifferent."

&nd then course there's the damage (or aid) done by those magazines. What if I'm not feeling it? What if I don't get turned on? Will I have to FAKE an orgasm? Is he really going to want THAT? Oh god he's going to think I'm fat. If only I could shut up my thoughts for a second and start thinking with the area so many of you seem to agree that men think with. Time to move downtown.

If only Carrie were here to be my personal guide.



Dr. Bertrand Dawson said...

Well, usually, I wouldn't give any opinion on this, but when it's a question asked in a public forum, maybe I'm more justified. Sex is just sex. It can be wonderful. It can be terrible. It can be invigorating or unbelievably depressing(though maybe that's just me). There is variation in everything and sex is no different. In any case, there is something wonderful about restraining yourself until you are certain you want it. If you are unsure, then just ride it out, masturbation or not. To go with the cliche, it's something you should experience with someone you love. I'm sorry if I imposed too strongly. In the end, it's your choice. Good luck.

SWM said...

Hey whats the problem. I have had amny sexual exploit some a bit weirder than others. It is an animal desire that we all share.

Masterbation is only sex with someone you really love.

Read my blog to get a better idea.

Remember it is instinctive, and you may enjoy it or not. But to be honest if you get turned on easy then you will love it. I love the anticipation of it all.

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